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Wk 3: CSA Swag!

June 6, 2009

It is June. Holy shit.

Where the hell did May go?

I mean, things have been busy, but wow. Cinco De Mayo isn’t suppose to lead into Cinco de Junio without a little something in between. But o well – no point grumbling about time. Time flys like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

What I have been a little grumbly about is finding out my weekly share isn’t going to include the Greensgrow dollars that were expressly mentioned as *New! Every week!* in the contract… but I’m trying to swallow this annoyance with some happy, zen-like, love of local ingredients and the fact that I really do love just being at Greensgrow every Saturday. It feels good being in the city, and being surrounded by plant life. Feels urban and wholesome.

So, this was the first week that the boy and I picked up our own share!!! Hold your applause, as yes, this was the 3rd week. But with Memorial Day being week 1 and the wedding weekend being week 2, we were able to con friends and family into picking up our share (and keeping all the good groceries – so, win/win).

This week, we got the good stuff:

Strawberries – Fifer Orchards, Wyoming, DE
Asparagus – Fifer Orchards, Wyoming, DE
Snow Peas – Lancaster County, PA
Arugula – Graiff Farms, Vineland, NJ
Beets – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ

Cowtipper cheese Calkins Creamery, PA
1 dozen Free-Range Eggs

Whole Chicken – Griggstown Quail Farm, NJ

plus, I bought a pound of Bluewater Coffee, a baguette, some kale, and the honey cheve goat cheese to finish off my requesit grocery shopping for the week. O, an a couple of basil and tarragon plants.

My fridge wasn’t yet ready for an infusion of fresh items (being away basically every weekend for the last month has severally limited my fresh foods…and impressively increased my number of takeout containers), so there was a heavy organizing effort when I got home. But we worked it out.

Vanessa picked up our share last week and I totally caught her eyeing up my bag as I was piling our weekly collection of goodness. It’s a good thing she found this plant that she loved – no idea what it is, but wow it’s pretty. I think if she hadn’t been distracted by the pretty flowers, she would’ve tried to make a go for my beets. And I would’ve had to sucker punch her.

Pretty plant = no sucker punch
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