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Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat (and eat and eat and eat)

June 7, 2009

Brunch in a big deal in my town. Its a flawless meal – mid-morning/early afternoon, acceptable to include liquor and whatever manor of deliciousness you feel like throwing on your plate. And even though some places out rock others, the reigning champion has to be Honey’s – our always charming, always crowded Southern Jewish kitchen in the heart of NoLibs.

I’ve had the pleasure of bringing a plethora of first timers to this cute little spot, and I love the expressions on their face first when they see the crowds, then when they see the menu (which is roughly 5 pages of tiny writing and a breath of options that’s damn near dizzying) and finally when they get a first taste. The expression is always one of being purly impressed…most impressed… SUPER CRAZY IMPRESSED. Like, this-is-all-that’s-left-of-the-latka-by the-time-I-got-my-camera-out-of-the-purse impressed ->

This Saturday was our first trip down to NoLibs explicitly to pick up our CSA, and as my wonderful friend Vanessa was willing to tag along, breakfast seemed like a judicious reward. I had warned her to expect a wait, considering Saturday was the first sunny day of the week (we were totally prepared to entertain ourselves, or wander around the neighborhood – there’s always an open house going on near by, and checking out other peoples stuff is a nice distraction).

I forced Vanessa to get the enfrijoladas, which are kind of the go-to favorite of my brother-in-law, a well-bred foodie. These were a complete mess of burrito of eggs with fresh local veggies and avocado cream sauce. Yes, yum.

The four cheese-grilled cheese was still awesome, as are the cheesey grits and latkas (with awesome apple sauce). Yes, we did both. No, we didn’t have symotanious heartattacks and collapse on the spot. Although the husband did rub his chest a few times while chewing on my latka. Would’ve served him right, too. Don’t touch my latka.

Honey’s Sit & Eat
800 N 4th St
Philadelphia, PA

(215) 925-1150

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