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Should we talk about the weather?

June 9, 2009

This post is pointless for all of you that aren’t Philly-bound.

Although, there is a chance that the crazy black skies and the thunder of epic proportions this morning is the mark that there’s an impending Apocalypse…in which case, Philly could be wiped off the map Sodom & Gomorrah-style within a few hours.

Or global warming has just force-fed Philly the ecological weather patterns of Seattle.*

Either way, the dark, dankness of the world makes being desk-ridden that much worse.

What have I been doing to pass the time? Blogstalking, obviously.

  • Thursday Night Smackdown is feeling the slightest bit better…and fiesty. And is passing on the good, cheap eats of her coherts.
  • Farm to Philly is rounding up the Wk 1 of Northeastern Local Eats (yes, I missed the deadline, but we’ve already covered that I’m busy as ass these days).
  • And Lottie and Doof have me all mentally packing my bags for Chicago.

I think I’ll be breaking the monotony of work by running home at lunch for some quality puppy time. Doubtful that there will be much walking unless this rain subsides. My kids don’t really fear weather, but they damn sure don’t like pooing in it!**

*Just checked to humoursly link to the Seattle weather forecast, which SHOULD be all rain. But its sunny there! For the foreseeable future! BLARKACK!

**Brodie is the king of sticking his ass out the door and keeping his upper half inside. Tell me this dog isn’t brilliant!

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