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CSA Swag: Week 4 & Grocery Hunting

June 14, 2009

Strawberries – Linvilla Orchards in Media, P
Asparagus – Katona Farms, Chesterfield, PA
Green Leaf – Flaim Farms Vineland, NJ
Zucchini – Lancaster County Fresh Farms, Lancaster, PA
Radishes – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
Carrots – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
Focaccia – Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia, PA
Herbal Jack Cheese
– Lancaster County Fresh Farm, Lancaster, PA
1/2 Gallon Hormone-Free Milk –
Lancaster Farm Fresh, Lancaster, PA
Ground Beef– Danda Farms, Manheim

I think I’m particularly excited about the burgers I’ll be making with my ground beef.

Apparently, this is the first time that Greensgrow is using Danda Farms. They are a family run farm in Lancaster County, PA, and they have been certified organic since 1994. The cows are never injected with antibiotics, hormones, and the grass they eat is never sprayed with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. Which rocks. Truly.

Fueled by a desperate need for a big-ass hoagie*, the boy and I hit up the Reading Terminal Market‘s Salmeria for a killer** Italian hoagie. As excited as I am about the burgers, that wasn’t going to cut it on the meat front, so we also hit up Guinta’s Prime Shop to pick up roughly a metric ton of meat – steak, chicken, chicken bones, ribs. I’ve got some ambitious cooking plans this week.

*Would’ve been less desperate for food if the boy could order AND share D’nD breakfast sandwiches…rather then eating the whole thing, swallowing a final bite, then saying “O…did you want some?”

**killer = all the best fatty Italian meats you can throw on a roll, with artichokes and house dressing = instant heart attack

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