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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, featuring… MINT!

June 17, 2009
Happiest, craziest tomatoes this side of Notown.

I may not come off lookin’ all farmy girl, etc., etc., but when after-days strikes us and we all have to prove our pre-technological talents are still in tact so to be allowed into the commi compound we’ll need to establish to stave off the crazies of the outside world,* remember: I can grow a damn good tomato.

This and my ability to knit socks and cook are all that I am counting on to get the husband and I acceptance onto the commune, because neither almost-blackbelt in karate nor video editor are strong enough after-days skills to get us safely inside the walls.**

Some peoples may remember to keep the helpful little tag-y thing to see what exactly they’ve unleashed on their garden a few months after everything’s in the ground. Obviously, that’s just not my style.

Somewhere in this “garden” mess o’ plants, you will find:

Purple Tomatillo – Skins are royal purple, and apparently a “decorative” variety. That I will still be munching down on.

– Mr. Stripey – Also called Tigerella, which may be the prettiest damn name for a tomato I’ve ever heard. It’s a medium/large beefsteak bearing gorgeous red fruits with yellow-orange stripes. Kinda sounds like it’ll live up to its pretty name.

– SuperSweet 100 –
an extremely tasty cherry tomato that grows in bunches like large grapes.

*yes, somebodddddy misses Jericho

** I will also try to bring this guy from the Italian Market that likes to scare small children – and Jon – by telling customers to his meat shop that he can hunt, kill, skin, and butcher anything legally premitted – seriously, this guy can cut you up some Camel, Llama, Yak, Water Buffalo, Lion Moose, Spanish Wild Goat, Alligator, Kanagaroo, and then some.

Mint gone wild. You want mint? I got your mint!

And strawberries. May have to start wrapping them in the mint…we’re pushing the mint.
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