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CSA Swag: Week 5

June 22, 2009

Work week has been off to a hectic start, but I wanted to at least get up what we picked up at the CSA this weekend. It was another rainy Saturday in Philly, but we got in a little bit of time at the near-vacant 2nd Street Festival before getting a bit too soaked and deciding to just go claim our share and roll home.

On the plus side, I felt no shame going home, curling up with snacks and the boy and killing a good amount of hours watching movies on Saturday afternoon. Nothing better.

So foggy, so damp & dank, so pretty

Cherries – Lancaster County, PA
Baby Spinach – Graiff Farms, Newfield, NJ
Kale – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
Zucchini – Lancaster County, PA
Carrots – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
Turnips – Lancaster County, PA
Telford Tomme Cheese – Hendricks Farms, Lancaster, PA
1/2 Gallon Hormone-free Milk
Rosemary Sausage – Meadow Run Farms, Lititz, PA

Hendricks Farms & Dairy, is a small, family operated farm in Telford, Pa. that does all grass-fed, draft horse powered, raw milk dairy & beef farm completely focused on preserving natural resources.

This weeks cheese is the Telford Tomme. It is a washed rind cheese that is semi soft, mild in flavor and has earthy notes in the taste. The black cherry & whey on the washed rind add great color and flavor. And apparently it was a 2nd place winner at the 2006 American Cheese Society Food & Farm News – it took all my will-power not to open it in the car and start chewing on it. But I composed myself and waited until we got home.

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