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Naked Chocolate Cafe: Or drowning myself in chocolate has never tasted so good.

June 23, 2009

Rose was in town! Rose was in town! That means margaritas and burritos all around, and absolutely no arm twisting needed to get her over to the Naked Chocolate Cafe.

Nothing naked here, so keep your pants on, but don’t let that stop you. Chocolate in abundance though- from the European-style hot chocolate (we’re talking VAT of melted chocolate) to $90 chocolate leg, to fondue and truffles. The European-style Hot Chocolate is a must, even if it’s not a particularly cold day. They are so delicious and unlike anything you’d get at any other cafe (and definitely smote the pants off of anything you make out of a packet). Rose swore by the AZTEC, which had some spice to it, but I’m a purist, so it was the Bittersweet all the way.

I’m pro this chocolate trend that’s hitting our city. All the lil dessert cafes popping up are doing a world of good for my sweet tooth (lets not get into the parts of my body it’s not doing a world of good for). I had heard rumors that lines were dramatically awful at this place, but we had 0 wait at 10p on a Saturday night. Guessing that’s not exactly their prime-time.

As a testament to young love, Josh still kissed Rose even though her face was covered in chocolate. Even after he made this face at her. Ah, newlyweds.

Naked Chocolate Cafe
1317 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 735-7310

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