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Of summer night and puppies.

June 25, 2009

A night like this? I fo’sho wasn’t cooking. Instead, sometime around 11p I caved and made some chocolate zucchini bread. As it was 11p, I took no pictures and have only the slightest recollection of the process that occurred to turn zucchini and various ingredients into something incredibly chocolaty and tasty. This is something I’m sure to try to recreate in future, with all sorts of pretty pictures and *sigh* even a recipe. But now? Not so much.

Instead of doing anything that resembled “productive,” I grabbed the dogs and their respective leashes (Brodie looks so offended when I leash him, but damn it if he hasn’t been less then trust worthy lately) and wandered around outside with the pups, taking in the lovely (read: rain free) evening. It was kind of awesome, actually, frolicking in the prettiest parts of NoTown (read: the Green Zone). I don’t walk around my neighborhood so much, and its a shame. It is a city, after all. There are restaurants within a walkable distance. And bars. And corner stores. It’s just not done here. Remind me to work on that.

Anyway, it was good to get the kids out of the house, off my furniture, and away from the evil cat for some good, summery leg stretching. Particularly since we’re picking up a Foster Puppy tomorrow and it would be nice to have Brodie and Shelby a little less energized when I bring Missy, a mini-Aussie into the house to meet them all for the first time.

Meet Missy

She’s a cutie – it’ll be tough to let her go for sure, but I think she’s going to be a great temporary ally to Shelby, and a good incentive for Brodie to learn to tie a noose without pose-able thumbs. But look at that face!

I don’t have her whole back story yet, but she’s definitely teeny tiny, hopefully house broken, and apparently “crazy sweet.” Sounds good to me. We like crazy sweet in my house. Crazy’s ok. But lets just say, the sweet makes the crazy go down a bit easier.

Think you’re her forever home?
Let me know or go to New Spirit Aussie Rescue

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