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Have Puff Pastry, Will Travel

July 1, 2009
There’s really no reason that I can think of not to have puff pastry in my freezer at all times.

It’s inexpensive.

It’s in the freezer section of pretty any super market or supermercado or co-op that I’ve ever been to.

It happily lives in your freezer for a year +.

And it bakes up in roughly 2 seconds (or 15 minutes, if you want to me “accurate”).

Last night, late last night, I was facing the lovely situation of having some defrosted puff pastry sitting on my counter and a nagging desire to much on something sweet and delicious.

And in the time it took to pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees, I had my puff pastry laid out on a greased cookie try and smeared with all kinds of good stuff.

The puff pastry dough looks pretty lame right out of the box, flat and think, but just wait for it. It ends up looking really good after a few minutes in the heat.

I was digging deep into the fridge for items to finish off my impromtu tart: some wild blueberry jam that I had picked up with my “Greensgrow Dollars”, a little bit of honey chevre from Shellbark Hollow Farm, and blueberries from this week’s CSA.

15 minutes later, the pastry was puffed, the blueberry jam was a spewy, spread out mess of deliciousness all over the cookie tray (no worries, plenty of jam stayed exactly where I wanted it to – on the tart). The blueberries were steaming! Every bite = explosive blueberrie bomb of hottness. Had I not waited the requisite 5 minutes before eating it, there could’ve been a bad burning incident.

But I think the winner is the honey chevre. Wow. It added a creamy richness to this “snack” that was kind of un-frickin-believable.

So, go buy puff pastry, put anything you want on it and feel shmancy.

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