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Eating tour of NYC

July 13, 2009

Love for Philly aside, there is something rather spectacular about a weekend in NYC with a few of your closest friends. And it timed out with my craving to get the hell outa ‘Dodge.

Seriously, how often does one get to spend five hours laying out in Central Park with a picnic of the best pb&j sandwiches that have been ever conceived on this planet? The culinary apptidude of these sandwiches was greatly improved by the 40+ blocks we strolled to get the park, which was still utterly lovely. Like, 70 degrees and sunny kind of lovely.

Saturday in the park, with the best picnic in the world.

The post-picnicking was some dedicated bar-hopping and dinner in SoHo. I really wish I could remember the name of the great wine bar we stopped in – Happy Hour place #3, I believe, if you’re wondering why I’m not sure what it was called. But I do remember the very important fact that a bucket of sangria was enough for close to 6 glasses and quite reasonably priced at $28.

Sangria and amusing chalk boards. And hurricane glasses filled with corks.
Anyone have any clue where I may have been in Manhattan?

Pre-fed and pre-food coma at the beautiful – but TINY – La Sirene.

We had dinner at La Sirene, my first time there (and I think a repeat visit for Emaan). It was so frickin wonderful, I’ve already been spreading the word. Which will make reservations even harder to get at this smaller-then-small BYOB, but it would be pure selfishness not to spread the word about this place.

The appetizers: The goat cheese tart, escargot, and curry mussels were all to die for. Truly amazingly flavorful, and everything on the menu complimented each other. The goat cheese tart was a good sharing size and incredibly flavorful, but I think I may have eaten an entire bread basket trying to soak up the curry the mussels were soaking in.

The entrees: My entree was the foie over filet – sounds like easy or obvious? It was beyond what I’ve had at even some of the most renown bistros. The filet mignon was prepared exactly the way it should be – seared, medium rate, and with foie gras pate style on top. The shallot, port and wine truffle sauce was decadent, to the point that there was no reason I needed to eat the full thing. I did. But I probably shouldn’t have. The menu suggests eating the foi gras, meat, and sauce all in one mouth full to get the point. Omygodyum.

Emaan’s Onglet Poele a la Facon Luchonaise – or, in English – seared hanger steak with roasted garlic and parsley sauce was also a generous portion and beautifully laid out. The only thing we had that didn’t get stellar out-of-this-world reviews was the trout. I didn’t have it, and have no real point of reference on trout (does crappy “real” camping trip trout count?), but the general opinion was that the sauce just wasn’t doing enough.

Regardless. Go. Call. Bring cash (it’s cash only) and wine. And a couple of amazing people, because this is an experience you will want to share.

La Sirene
558 1/2 Broome St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 925-3061

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