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Have Puppy, Will Brunch: Ten Stone

July 19, 2009

Somehow, I’ve never made it to Ten Stone. I’ve heard that as far as corner bars go, this a pretty spectacular spot to run into your neighbors, down some beers, and getting some quality food. But, sadly, this side of South Street is just far, far away from our normal spots. I still don’t know if I’d see any reason to travel to Ten Stone is if you don’t live in the neighborhood, but for some Sunday morning food with Brodie at our side, it was pretty much perfect.

Twenty minutes of staring at the only outside table at Ants Pants Cafe, trying to will them to move, had proved unsuccessful, and could’ve spelled disaster for our mood. Ten Stone is right down the street, and the second we crossed, an umbrella shielded table opened up. It was pre-ordained that we eat breakfast there.

The boy ordered the Omelet De Jour – goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil in egg whites. And then added a side of crispy bacon. I went with the Eggs Benedict, with spinach and sausage (instead of ham) because I’m on an Eggs Benedict kick like crazy. I can honestly that I am now a convert to goat cheese in my omelet. Incrediblely creamy, and super exactly what I was in the mood for (if I had ordered it, that would’ve worked out better, yeah?). The Eggs Benedict were fine – the sausage and spinach were great add-ins, but they were a bit chinsy with the Hollandaise sauce. And actually, the Hollandaise sauce was a bit bland. That’s my new found Hollandaise snobery coming through, bright and shiny.

Both breakfasts took forever to get to us (30+ minutes), and came with breakfast potatoes, and giant bowls of coffee. The day was beautiful enough and the red wall behind Brodie photogentic enough that the wait didn’t really bother us… until other dishes started to walk pass. The Corn Flake Covered French Toast that neither of us ordered must’ve walked by 4 times, and looked/smelled absolutely incredible. If we’re in the neighborhood, and Ants Pants is booked up, I wouldn’t be opposed to stopping back at Ten Stone. Particularly if the husband makes with the Bloody Marys this time around. But I don’t see us traveling down to Philly with a throbbing desire for brunch here. I’ll keep that for one of the other 6 places we are brunch fanatics over.

Ten Stone

2063 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
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