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You-Pick Places in NJ & PA

July 20, 2009

Sometimes, I truly do rock.

There’s something fun about picking your own fruits and veggies*. Legions of immigrants may roll their eyes at the stupid Americans, but blueberries? peaches? apples? It’s interesting and outdoorsy and way cheaper/tastier/all around better then what you’re going to get at the grocery store.

And lucky for us, the tri-state area is LOADED with Pick Your Own places. For pretty much any local fruit or vegetable you can think of. And here’s a handy dandy totally not-all-inclusive Google Map of some of the top rated places I’ve found. That I put together all by myself** for you. And for Emaan. Since she wants to go pick things.

You-Pick Places in NJ & PA

Yep. Sometimes I do rock.

*Unless you’re Alex, a wonderful human being who apparently has been scared from some undetermined fruit picking event as a child. Normal people, however, have no such baggage.

**Ok, perhaps the interweb and my intern helped a slight amount
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