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Maple Acres Farm Market

July 21, 2009

There are places in this world that just zen me out.

Tons of fresh produce, local/organic meat, and pick your own zinas (or 5 for $1 if you don’t feel like attacking plant life with scissors), but now that they’ve increased their meat selection, added a dairy barn and bird seed and preserves… I love this place.

I was actually a bit nervous – every now and then produce would pop up with a sticker on it, and I’d get that pit in my stomach, like when I go to Linvilla Orchard and find out the oranges I’m sucking down aren’t actually local (which begs – no, SCREAMS – the question, why do they think I’m going to a farmers market/orchard/farm if not for local produce). (In all fairness, most of Linvilla’s stuff is incredibly local – and delicious – but like any where else, you have to be vigilant).

So I emailed them and asked for info on which of their products were locally grown at the farm versus which products are shipped in. And asked my must ask question on the meat products: are your meat products cage free, organic, or hormone-free?

I heard back within 2 days:

Greetings, Holly:

Thanks for your inquiry. I hope I can answer your questions adequately. Our beef and pork products are raised here on our farm and are hormone free; we let the cows out into our pasture everyday and when there is a nearby cover crop of clover or alfalfa, we put up a temporary fence for the day,until they eat it down. So, they are free to explore new and greener pastures.

We get most of our orchard fruits from Frecon Orchards, in Boyertown,Pa.,which is about a half an hour from us; they are not strictly organic, but like us, spray as little as possible to produce a non-worm infested apple or peach. We also travel to Lancaster, Pa. or across the bridge into N.J., to very occasionally, supplement or round out what we produce. Of course, we don’t grow the lemons or limes, since they would never tolerate this cold weather! Feel free to ask when you are here if you need more specifics.

I love that the wrote back, and I love love love how much info they were willing to provide. If they start selling toilet paper, I may never walk into a supermarket again.

♥Maple Acres Farm
2625 Narcissa Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA

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