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Recession Proof Philly VI: Of Crustaceans … and other happy thoughts.

July 22, 2009

Oyster House demands my love and respect for 1) getting me to eat oysters, 2) providing oysters that don’t taste/feel/smell like flem, and 3) keeping the Sansom Street Oyster House alive – mostly. But perhaps most of all, I may have fallen head over heels with the unveiling of their mid-summer Crab Fest, starting Tuesday, July 28th and every Tuesday in August.

The deal: $19 gets you

– 3 Jumbo Hardshells
– Cabbage Slaw
– Corn of the Cob

Oyster House
1516 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA

lobsterThe other reason to break out the bibs and the bathing suits is the London Grill’s value-priced summer lobster specials (through Labor Day):

Lobster Bisque ($7)
Lobster Panna Cotta ($7)
New England Lobster Roll ($13)
Lobster Bake ($18.95), a three-course meal including a starter salad, 1/2 lobster with chorizo, clams, corn on the cob and potatoes, and dessert
Whole Lobster Dinner (market price), a whole 1 1/2 pound lobster with potatoes, corn on the cob and drawn butter.

Since our wonderful stint in the Art Museum area – and our First Valentine’s day dinner here – we’ve long been fans of London Grill, and these specials sound like no-brainers, especially the Lobster Bake, and you know we can always be tempted to go bib-less and get down with a succulent Lobster Roll.

London Grill
2301 Fairmount Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 978-4545

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