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Rain, rain, go away.

August 2, 2009

The rain woke me up at 5:00 am. Proving that even with the puppies spending some quality time with Grandmom, the world is compelled to not let me sleep in on a weekend. Ever.

When it finally stopped pouring for a blissful 5 seconds this afternoon, I ran outside – barefoot – to grab some fistfuls of basil from underneath my tomato plants breaking a tomato branch in the process and coating my feet in mud. Ah, rainy summer days.

Lunch was just a compelling enough reason to leave the house, so using a baguette and a monstrously gorgeous heirloom tomato from yesterday’s market and the garlic and basil from from container garden, I think I pulled off a particularly sunny-feeling lunch.

The pesto is so easy to do that I’m a little bummed that I’ve only been making it this past summer. In my food processor, I put in a cup or so of basil and then added spinach to bring my greens up to 2 cups. I dropped in 3 garlic cloves, as well, because I like my pesto really, truly garlicky. Once you’ve let the processor start moving and things are getting nice and diced, I added in a nice steady stream of extra virgin olive oil (roughly 1/4 cup in total) while still processing. This gets everything nice and smooth and pesto like.

Left over pesto

Way more pesto then you’ll need for your sandwiches (unless you’re making lunch for a party of 20), but pesto keeps for at least a week in the fridge and goes great with pasta or chicken or lamb or on burgers. Seriously, there’s not much pesto don’t work on.

Separately, I diced up my heirloom tomato and supplemented with diced up cherry tomatoes from my garden. I put them in a small bowl and sprinkled them in salt, and then stirred them up to get a nice coat. Something about salt on tomatoes makes them irresistible. And the bowl of purple-y, orange-y, gold and red tomatoes isn’t too bad to look at on a day like this either.

On the sliced baguette, I coated the bottom with pesto, added the tomato on top, and then sprinkled grated Califon Tomme that we got in our Week 10 CSA and had yet to try. Its so good on tomatoes – simple and hearty mixed milk cheese with a sticky creamy consistency similar to a raw milk farmhouse gouda. Different, but very complimentary.

This whole creation is nearly a handful of ingredients, so you’re not getting a fully written recipe (this is also a side effect of the rain draining all of my energy). What you are getting is an amazingly quick lunch and bonus extra pesto. Yeah, you’re welcome 🙂

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