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Pierogis !!

August 13, 2009

When pierogis showed up in my CSA share a few weeks ago, I was paralyzed. They looked amazing, like pasta, and whenever you say potato pasta, I’m a happy girl.

But I didn’t grow up on pierogis. I’ve never made them from scratch (o, but I will), and when eagerly asking people how to make the frozen ones the responses were startlingly easy. And terrifying. Boil them to al dente? Saute them in butter with onions? And? No seriously, end?! That’s it?

It felt like people MUST know something that I didn’t know – like a mean joke. “Hehehe, just tell her to sauteed them in butter, ha! O o o o – and then tell her to just eat them with onions! Hehehehe.” I know, I know – paranoid much? Maybe. Because a couple red and yellow onions quartered and then sweated them out in butter with some frozen Antonia’s Potato Pierogis just have no business tasting this good.

But apparently local pasta maker, Antonia’s, is a god.
So, I boiled the pierogis like the bag told me too, while quartering the onions (one red, one yellow, because that’s what I had in the fridge and because two full yellow onions seemed like it would be overwhelming). I added generous amounts of butter – something in the 2 to 3 tablespoon range – to my fry pan and turned the heat to medium to get it nice and melted, but without browning the butter. I added my farmer’s market onions and let them get to sweating.

Meanwhile, my pierogies boiled up post haste, so I lifted them out with a slotted spoon and laid them out on a paper towl to let the excess water drip off. These guys are so fragile that straining them out the normal pour-into-a-strainer sort of way would’ve destroyed them.

Because I felt lazy telling the husband that I had cooked him dinner, and then just boiling some pierogis and cutting up onions, I grabbed my Griggstown Farm Market Chicken Sausage to cut up as well. You’ve heard me ring out in praise for this sausage. It’s really perfect for every dish – its sweet, interestingly flavored with the spinach and the feta. And you can lie to yourself easily and say “it’s healthy-ish, it’s chicken” and who doesn’t love sausage with a side of self deception?

Cause onions and sausage are always a good idea. I turned up the heat a bit on the onions and added the sausage, cooking it through before adding the pierogis and a good amount of salt and pepper. By turning up the heat, you need to watch the butter to make sure it doesn’t burn but does brown a bit. Because browning the butter is what really made this dish stand out for me.

All in all – so tasty, and really filling. You have pierogis? Sautee them in onions and butter (lots of butter).

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