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New Amsterdamn Market

September 15, 2009
Now that its September, I’m starting to face the saddest of sad realizations – Farmers Market season is definitely going away. And as if they just wanted you to be certain that this time of fresh veggies and open air markets is fading, its been fall weather all week. And the honest to god truth? I LOVE it. Forget sunny weather, I’m done with summer for 2009.

But now, not even the void of farmers markets can make me despair entirely.

Enter, New Amsterdam Market.

Like the Brooklyn Flea, Staten Island Ferry, Beer Gardens, and certain lovely NYC bound souls, there are certain things worth the drive up 276 to 95 to take in. But for a girl who has never encountered an illustrious “all-inclusive” farmers market, featuring butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, bakers, wild food distributors, hucksters, forgers, harvesters, all in one glorious spot, the New Amsterdam Market is certainly worth every minute of the trek. Taking up a large area of South Street in Manhattan, more than 80 vendors set up from 11am to 4pm with all manner of items.


The 2009 Monthly Market Season
October 25
November 22
December 20
I’m anxiously waiting for the October vendor list to be posted, but if it’s anything like their September groups, I’m dizzy with winter market anticipation.
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