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Domestication, Take 2

October 16, 2009

Cooking for one is not my thing. It requires being cognizant of portion size and totally alert of the “goings ons” in the kitchen, without the benefit of backup. It also requires mustering an amount of dedication and energy that is atypical for most human beings after 5p and 8 hours of work (a ‘fact’ based primarily on my observations of the recession-proof nature of restaurants). And as much as I valued the boy’s only-kinda-serious suggestion that I make dinner for 2 while he was away, and then throw it out, so that I wouldn’t get rusty, I basically just survived by going out to dinner the whole week he was away.

Lessons learned while the boy was at music/bass camp? Camping is a) pretty much the best thing ever, but he was feeling pretty crappy when he got home on Sunday and ended up sleeping for something like 12 hours. Which supports argument b), which is that a week in the woods is bad for your health (even if it’s good for your soul).

Other important lessons while being home alone. My stepsister just eloped and messaged me this morning with the link to her wedding website so that “I wouldn’t be the last to know.” Let me rephrase that. My stepsister, whom I haven’t seen or heard from in eight years.

Lesson 1. There is no right way to respond to “I m MARIED,” particularly when MARRIED is what you are.

Lesson 2. You should not be allowed to web prior to successful completion of a spelling test.

Lesson 3. Telling someone that you are MARRIED so that they won’t be the last to know, particularly when you haven’t seen or heard from them in 8 years and it’s 23 days after you’ve tied the knot is much more akin to telling someone “so they wouldn’t forget to send a gift.”

But anyway – she messages me this morning to share this happy news, and to extend an invitation for dinner.Because she feels it’s important for us to meet her groom, and for them to meet our children.

Lesson 4. Everything you’ve ever heard about the importance of an exit strategy is true. 

Obviously, awkward, as my husband and I do not yet have children. So I respond in the way one does.

“We’ll definitely get back to you on dinner. Jon’s in grad school, so you know, busy busy. Plus, no kids yet!”

Lesson 5. A 10 minute pause is rarely a good sign.

and then:

“How long have you been married now?” 

“Almost 3 years” 

“Are you barren?”

The Real Lesson. When someone asks you (at 25) if you’re barren – before 10 in the morning – you are exempt from life for the rest of the day.

Back to the world of the sane – Grandmom’s 72nd birthday dinner was last night – I made double chocolate cake with Bailey’s butter-cream icing in the middle and Kahlua chocolate fudge on top, and the grandmom wanted hoagies for dinner, so we did hoagies. And it was delicious. I took no pictures nor notes of any kind, but followed the recipe from Smitten Kitchen with complete devotion and concentration. With the exception of subbing out the raspberry filling with the Bailey’s butter-cream. Go make this cake. It’s delightful.

The boy with Bass Gods: Chuck Rainey, Steve Bailey, and Victor Wooten.
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