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Things that I do when its cold and wet out.

October 18, 2009

Cooking is all well and good, but when it turns into February in October (we’re talking Baby-Its-Cold-Out-There, not even breaking 50 degrees and the leaves haven’t even bothered to turn colors yet), even having the stove and oven and microwave all pumping at full blast (but no, we haven’t turned the heat on yet) wasn’t cutting it.

But for reals, it was so gross and rainy this weekend, I had no choice but to hide out and knit the whole damn weekend. While the boy studied (booooooo). There was some cooking too. We’ll get to that.

These mittens were one of the reasons I went back on a yarn and knitting book buying binge (o goody) – I loved them, and now that the first one is all made and completed, with flap and thumb (in one day!), I stand by the binge. Cause I can be all “ooooo, look at my pretty mittens” and then FLIP!!!! fingerless glove girl. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

For seriously though, the yarn combo is really beautiful and super comfy (if not crazy thick and overly warm – your hands aren’t going to sweat in the Louisa Harding Grace). And for some reason these mittens took basically no yarn to make. Like, negative yarn. Not even a half skein of the wool and a little over 2/3 of the brown. Weird.

The flap, however, is not easy – I needed to borrow another pair of hands from my wonderful friend Vanessa to get the flap started. Stitches were sliding everywhere – it was a total mess!

This hat may now be my go-to last minute gift for boys every where. And from henceforth, it shall be dubbed as “The Jay Hat” (aka – its-cold-and-wet-out-and-I’m-not-going-outside-ever-ever-ever-again). This thang knit up in less than 2 hours – seriously. It’s super crazy thick, and a little big for my head (which means that it should fit the step dad perfectly…hoping so anyway), and I made it look like a heather yarn by holding the blue-black and the gray yarns together to make it all purdy and manly.
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