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October New Amsterdam Martket

October 23, 2009

9am – Sunday Morning – Enough coffee to blind a horse – two Philadelphian Foodaphiles make the 102 mile trek over 2 rivers and 4 bridges (each way) for what just might be the best damn farmers market ever encountered. 

And in November, we are going back.

I am going to say its safe to assume that Vanessa and I are not what one would call morning people.

Where to start. Perhaps a warning. I am giddy, giddy over these foodstuffs. Expect mind-numbing detail on what we got and why we got it. It’ll help you to mentally include my frequent giggling as I describe mounds of freshly made ricotta and tubs of leaf fat.

This month, their ‘special emphasis’ was on the butchering tradition.We were a little too busy shopping to pay any particular attention to the workshops or entertainment, but there were certainly options (for next time, when I bring the husband up, and he needs something to keep himself occupied besides the holding of bags) and I like that about this place. Plenty of options. TONS of options.

Surprise, surprise, but I – having no self control – picked up tons of fantastic items. Like, 2 full recyclable bags worth of

goodness (A quick aside to whomever invented the insulated bag: You, sir, are good people).

But back to the purchases. Which I shall detail for you now.

Bklyn Larder Brooklyn, New York – these guys were great (aka plenty of samples!) – a beautiful selection of  cheeses, salami, and other regional provisions. Plus they get a gold start for being my first purchase of the day – cheddar cheese. Adventurous? Nope, but delicious all the same.

Saxelby Cheesemongers New York, New York – purveyor of cheese and dairy products from the Great North(east). These guys were sassy. They knew their cheese and a plethora of cheese-related puns. Plus, they had the best fresh (made Saturday!) ricotta with cherry jam. I bought the ricotta, skipped the jam. It was creamy and fresher then fresh and really not very expensive ($6? Maybe? At the most?).

Hudson Valley Duck Farm Ferndale, New York – I have never before come across a duck-product purveyor at any of the other markets I’ve visited. I mean, I’ve found duck products at market. But not a genuine, for real, all you could want purveyor of ducky goodness. This spot was reasonably priced and I bought their pate and duck fat.

The Piggery Trumansburg, New York – I didn’t buy anything here, but I should have. I spent so much time standing near their smoker while surveying the handcrafted pasture-raised pork and charcuterie from their farm that my sweater smelled completely of roasted pig.

Wild Gourmet Food Fairlee, Vermont – Mushrooms. Wild, freshly foraged mushrooms. And elderberry concentrate. And Jerusalem artichokes in first blossom. Plus wild ginger.

The Bent Spoon Princeton, New Jersey – we ran, skipped, and jumped to The Bent Spoon. Best damn regionally-sourced ice creams and sorbets I’ve ever encountered and for a MERE $2.50, the pumpkin sorbet and rosemary dark chocolate ice cream made the entire trip worth it. As if it hadn’t been worth it before!

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