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Being somewhat prolific…

October 27, 2009

I don’t normally rock out with the Christmas knitting/homemade gifts, and never this early in the season. People that rock out well-planned homemade knitted gifts are generally not my kind of people. Those people are better then me. Those people are actually better then most of us. I love them, I aspire to be them, but if I was, I’d have to wear/own a frilly apron and wake up early to blowout my hair instead of just capturing an extra 10 minutes of sleep.

And yet. Somehow. This year, well, we are in a recession people! So I’ve spent this month brainstorming and scheming all assortments of “cost-effective” gifts. In other words, knits and grub for everyone!

The most recent of which came off the needles last night. Red and ruffly (like, seriously ruffled) scarf  that came out of my Holiday Knits book – the third item so far, so book purchase = totally justified. And a totally lovely white ‘spring’ beret that I came across on a recent afternoon at Loop. I think another one is in my future before Christmas, seeing how this cute hat took only a few hours from start to finish.

And, yes you read that right. Grub gifts are forthcoming. Right now I’ve got a few jars of Vanilla Extract hanging out that we’ll need to discuss soon, and Vanessa and I were scampering around the New Amsterdam Market last weekend brainstorming about lavender honey and maple marshmallows. Soon, I promise, soon!

Similarly, the kitty doesn’t usually indulge my request for poses so early in the morning, but even she is feeling lovable. Or sleepy. Probably sleepy. 

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