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I thought about cooking last night…

November 4, 2009

…but I didn’t.

I was putting clothes away. For hours. Somehow, neither the husband nor I noticed that we were missing a full suitcase of stuff after returning from vacation way back at the end of summer.

Perhaps ‘missing’ is the wrong word here. The suitcase was safe and sound, but despite weeks months playing the “hey, have you seen _____”  game, neither of us actually remembered that this suitcase of stuff existed, or that it was cohabitating with yard sale cast offs and my gym bag in the trunk of the husband’s car.

So this weekend the suitcase made itself known, and months of vacation-stale clothing came back to haunt me.

And I am blogging about putting clothes away, why? Because while I may still lack those “domestic” tendencies, the husband continues to entertain. Here’s a “hypothetical” question for you….

Imagine you – the husband – are in your laundry room going through your incredibly well-traveled and incredibly musty vacation clothes, trying to figure out which ones should be taken to the dry cleaner. While sorting, you run across your wife’s favorite bathing suit drying on a rack.

What do you do next?

A)  You put it right back where you found it because your wife expressly instructed you to only grab your clothes. And as this is women’s swimwear, you’re pretty sure you’ve never worn this piece to the office. Also, she yelled at you the seventeen times you accidentally washed and dried it last year.

B)  You put it right back where you found it because your wife expressly instructed you to stay the hell away from her laundry, as she’s still pissed off you shrunk most of her summery shirts when you washed them in boiling water and dried them within an inch of their lives last week. Plus, the agreement was that she’ll do the laundry and put away the clothes and you’re only task will be to act appreciative and take her to dinner.

C)  You put it right back where you found it because your wife begged you to please, please, please ask her if you ever have any laundry-based questions. And, really? Since you work hard, maybe just leave everything for her because she promises you she doesn’t mind washing all the clothes, especially since nothing gets ruined that way.

D)  You take the bathing suit directly to the drycleaner.

Try to guess how the husband answered this question.

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