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Post-Apocalyptic Days: The SEPTA Stories

November 4, 2009
3am Strike
8 Minute Commute Extended to 40 Minutes 
Train Fires
A Plague of Novice Cyclists
My once vibrant city has been gripped with an interchangeable outpouring of fear and anger. Where are we going? AND HOW ON EARTH WILL WE GET THERE?!

We have now been thrust into a terrifying ‘after-days’ – forget post-apocalyptic. We have entered a world of post-public transportation. And, Mr. SEPTA, we are not pleased.

How will we survive? Who will come together in this new world to lead us? Are we destined to find a life in a world where a commute from Temple to Center City is a 40 minute affair? Or will we devolve back to the old city limits where everything north of Spring Garden and south of South Street simply ceases to exist?

The accumulated filth of all the added cars and pedestrians will foam up about our stagnant city buses and all the union workers and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”
…and I’ll look down, and whisper “No”.

Because while I’ve often considered what talents and abilities I would have to contribute in a post-apocalyptic world (besides knitting and cooking ‘game‘), I never expected my true gifts to be 1) a car, 2) a corporate gas card), and 3) a deep understanding of the back roads throughout the Delaware Valley.

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