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~ Sweater ~ Fin ~

November 23, 2009

I totally, 100% finished this sweater in time for Grandmom’s birthday, which was back in October. I swear, all the knitting was done, and I even brought it over to my parents house to let Grandmom try on. And it looked AWESOME! And then I brought the sweater back to my house and hid it for a month. 

What wasn’t finished was the finishing. Stupid buttons. Stupid having-to-learn-to-crochet-a-chain-for-the-loops.So, my Sunday night activity (pre-cooking dinner and pre-Dexter) was to put this thing completely to bed. So, even though this was done a month ago, it’s officially official. Birthday sweater – done! And in time for  Thanksgiving!

Opinions on the buttons? 
I stood in the sewing store for hours trying to find the right ones. 
Next time, it goes up to a populist vote.
Folded in half, so you can see the back and so that the cat has less area to nest on.
Cause nothing attracts the kitty like a freshly knit sweater.
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