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2010 obsessions

January 10, 2010

Not resolutions. As I’m rarely resolute about anything.

There’s a lot to love about the premiere of a new decade. Sure, 2000 was a bit of a bigger deal. It marked the start of a WHOLE NEW MILLENIUM, but I was 16. Partying like it was 1999 meant drinking crappy beer and fruity mixed drinks at an awesome party, under the watchful eye of the hostess’ parents, and getting all excited about kissing the boyfriend at midnight. Ah, for simpler times! I’m every so often nostalgic for the limitations of a high school party.

Regardless, party time is over. It is 2010, people. And yesterday, someone asked me how old I was and I accidently gave them the wrong age. Not just that, but I had to do math in order to answer correctly.
“I’m 25. Wait, ummmm, I just turned 25…. No, I’m…carry the one and…I’m 26. O shit, I’m 26.”

How is it that I can’t always remember my age, but I’m always 100% sure right down to the day how close the husband is getting to 30?

I digress. It’s planning time. Which for me is obsessing time.

Without further ado – the new obsessions of 2010 (in no particular order).


Philly Half Off is a wondrous place that sells discounted gift certificates for places you actually want to go. Like Raven’s Lounge and Mango Moon and Ryah Yoga. Maybe you can tell by some (most) of my posts but ‘centered’ and ‘stress-free’ are not terms that people that love me use to describe me. I feel stress down to my teeth, I react quickly and off the cuff to a myriad of triggers.

Yoga has seemed like a good idea for years. Just not an idea that I’ve felt comfortable moving on. I mean, people that do yoga are bendy and eat organic all the time (unlike my most of the time). They are fluid and graceful and don’t sweat/grunt/avoid physical labor like the plague. But seeing their listing on Philly Half Off catalyzed me.

Their gift certificate was a deal. I like a deal. And it arrived at my house perfectly timed for their 4-week New to Yoga Beginners Workshop. I was new to yoga. I like workshops. Hell, I don’t have a particularly busy 4 weeks ahead of me. Well, I do now!


I was crazy happy when my sister mentioned she wanted to take a sewing class. I wanted to take a sewing class! I grew up in a world where sewing was a dirty word. Where my mother hemmed my Catholic School uniform with iron on tape, or pins, or regular tape, or (and this is totally, 100% true) staples. I can only assume that my mother was abused with a sewing machine (beaten with a foot peddle, perhaps?) at a very young age. But I will overcome!

So what if my sewing machine purchased from never arrived in the mail?! And who cares if the husband is twitching at the mere mention of a new hobby to offset the bundles of yarn I have stashed around our house?! I will sew. You will wear my creations. And you will do so happily!

Knitting (read: finishing projects)
Moving (read: back to Philadelphia…as the Chicago plan may be out the window)

Paying Off My *Last* Credit Card

Dear American Express, Our relationship has never been easy. I’ll admit my wrong doing in our relationship – I’m not an easy credit holder to love. I don’t pay off my balances each month. I am the definition of last minute on my payments. But you’ve done your share of meanness. Hitting me with late fees when I’m not actually late (Hold your horses! You’ll get your chance!), playing yo-yo with my credit limit and my heart. This is the year that we’ll mend our relationship. That it will all be worth it. And together, we will build a credit worthy future that will be the envy of all the 550-700 credit scores out there.

Drinking Less
Seeing Friends More
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