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~ Chili Bowl 2010 ~

February 14, 2010

Know when you’re going to meet your husband’s childhood best friend’s mom at a party she’s hosting at her home, and you’re really late because you’ve been house hunting all day, and at the last minute you find out that the party is a chili cook-off and you’re a “guest” judge?

No? Well, you need to be part of my world. Besides never having ever eaten chili before (ever) and being utterly unprepared (as in, no camera and no chili ‘perspective’) I relied heavily on the educated and refined palate of Liz over at Off My Plate to school me on all things chili and recap the whole event for you.

And not only that, but Liz was the 2008 Chili Bowl Champion! And I believe she may just be kind and wonderful enough to have included her award-winning recipe for your use.

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  1. February 24, 2010 3:44 pm

    Your too sweet! No one informed you that it was a chili cook off?? Sorry about that-I blame the husbands.

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