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If you can’t avoid the cliches, then I challenge you to fill your Valentine’s day with them to the brim :-)

February 15, 2010
Valentine’s Day in New York. 
I shall see your cliche and raise you a walk over the Manhattan Bridge, a quick stop in Chinatown for the Lunar New Year and an amazing dinner with another stellar couple at a tiny, 25 seater, French Bistro BYOB in Soho. 
Have we talked about La Sirene yet? With seatings every two hours from 1pm til 1am, this spot was hoping the whole day away. And we had an incredible time. 

I’m not always a proponent of prix fixe meals, particularly on holidays that are known for being about price gouging as much as they are about love and smooches.
Spicy Lobster Bisque
with Truffle Oil

Delicious – seriously – and warm and toasty. Exactly what we needed after waiting in the crowded entrance way, waiting for our table. Not what we needed after 10 minutes inside the packed dining room.
Baked Goat Cheese Tart

With Shallots, Truffles, Confit Grapes and Veil of 90 days Aged Swiss Cheese
So, I love this dish and all its cheesey goodness, but the husband ordered it so I had to make do with another incredible appetizer…


Steamed Mussels Rochelaise

Curried Spicy Broth White Wine, Thyme, Bay leaf, Onion, Touch of Cream and Apples
… o my god the sauce these mussels were in was out of this world. There were at least a dozen, and I couldn’t soak up all the juices  with the bread even if I tried. Who am I kidding, I totally tried.  

1/2 Dozen of Escargots Bourguignone
In their Shell, with Garlic, Parsley, Shallots, Bread Crumbs Butter Sauce
No one at our table got the escargot. Just because even amazing escargot is still escargot..

Seared Filet Mignon “Rossini”

Topped With Foie Gras ( Pate Style), Truffles, Port Wine Shallots Sauce

This is forever and always my favorite entree ever. They recommend eating the foi, filet, and crostini in a single bite to get the full sensation. I recommend eating this meal as often as possible. Everyone at our table got – and raved about the filet – and typically, I consider filet the most over rated piece of meat out there. But for those curious about the other dishes, I’ve had the Duck and Thermidor before – both are incredible. Just not smothered-in-foi incredible.

Seared Duck Breast

With Special Cherry Sauce Sweet and Tart “Montmorency”

Kassulet from Toulouse (upon Request of Regular Customers)

Duck Leg Confit, Pork Fennel Sausage, Slab Bacon and Kidney Beans
all Well Flavored with the Duck Glaze

John Dory Baked “Thermidor”

On a Bed of Spinach, White Sauce, Shiitake Mushroom, Shallots with Swiss and Dijon all Baked to Gratin

Raspberry Mousse Cake

with Almonds dough Drizzled with Chocolate
Floating Island
Meringue ( White Whipped Eggs With Fresh Caramel and Almond) Floats Over Vanilla Custard
With Hot Callebaut Bitter/Sweet Chocolate Sauce
Photo credits: Husband and his shmancy new camera
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