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Ok Mom, if the Mayans are wrong, we’ll start with the babies.

February 16, 2010

If discussing contraceptives with mom is one of the most scarring moments of a teenagers’ life, it does a poor job to prepare you for the post-wedding discussion of when you may consider ditching them. Baby fever has hit my parent’s house. And as the oldest of three girls (and the only married one in the bunch), there has been an increased interest in lowering the average age at family gatherings (if you catch my drift). I knew my parents were losing it when I found out that there was a pack-n-play in our attic. That my mother had recently bought. From a neighbor’s garage sale on the premise that “it won’t go bad.”

And I don’t want to hear any “that sounds reasonable” reactions out there. It does not sound reasonable. Just like it does not sound reasonable to assume your daughter is with child because she mentioned a name in a conversation, which was then assumed to be a potential baby name (true story).
Regardless, because I am a benevolent and loving daughter, I’ll take some of the blame. Husband and I are in the process of looking for a new house (!!!) – we’re hoping to relocate from our “starter home” in the far (and feeling further every day) ‘burbs of Philadelphia, back to the interior of the city of brotherly love. To an actual spot where we’ll have every intention of staying put for the foreseeable future.

It’s been exciting and daunting (mostly daunting), and in the frenzy of it all, I may have mentioned that I’m considering the baby aspect of all the properties that we’ve looked out. For the first time in my life, I’ve been caught saying things like, “I love this old stone house, but I die trying to carry a baby down these stairs” or “We’re going to be doing so much more laundry – I want laundry hook-ups upstairs.”

Apparently, I’m the sole member of my immediate household that’s trying to be reasonable and smart and the voice of maturity (something to counteract the husband’s focus of “but where will I hang the flat screen?” “I don’t think the big speakers will work in this space.” *Clapping*”The acoustics just aren’t going to work for a media room.”)

But who knows. We’ve already been in and discarded 10 potential homes. At this rate, it may prove to be impossible to find a city house in a good area with modern entertaining areas, a large kitchen, media room, deck/outside living space, parking, with 3 bedrooms and over 2000 sq ft for our shoestring budget. And if that’s the case, all deals are off between me, the Mayans, and my mother.

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