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Thwarting My Move, One Cookbook at a Time

March 6, 2010

Moving is hard. You have to pack stuff, organize stuff, clean stuff up, and dedicate yourself not to dirty stuff up again. My to-do list in these last few weeks has been enough to stop me in my tracks and make me go off to hide and bake and hide and bake. Emphasis on the hiding and baking.

Now, there’s a plethora of new cookbooks out there that I’ve been lovingly fawning after for the better part of a week. Huge tomes that will give me the insights and enthusiasm to really hone my craft and become an accomplished home chef. Or at least that’s been my theory.

Still, this is not the time to purchase 30 lbs of new cookbooks. We’ve relocated (al beit, temporarily) to my in-laws with 1 suitcase, 5 books, and 2 dogs so that we can show our house without the problems of constantly scrubbing/vacuuming/straightening anything we touch at home. No cookbooks came with me, but even so, living like that has me more of a ball of stress then usual. So while I de-stress in my new nomadic existence, here are the books that the husband has been instructed to get me as ‘new house’ presents. When we finally get the new house. I’m pitching them as instant de-stressors.

Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc
Stir: Mixing It Up
Modern Cafe
BlackBerry Farm CookBook

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